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Welcome to the first page of the CometGold Blog.

As I witness the censorship and cancel culture out there I have had to ask myself "What can I do about it?" Over the past few days alone thousands of voices have been shown the door, so I decided to create a space to post a collection of information I have found useful to keeping my sanity during this time. While this is only one site with a very small following, for me this is prefereable to doing nothing at all.

I am learing to write the code as I go in order to maintain a running knowledge of it. This is to avoid the 10 billion lines of code that is Wordpress, which is far too big a haystack to search for needles. Therefor, if you do come across a 'feature' while making use of this site, please remember that I am learning code as I write, so please just let it slide - unless you are willing to help. There's a lot more to it than you might think..

So without further adoo, here is a beginning salvo of videos pertinent to our current situation, and always remember, if you don't agree or don't like, you are welcome to leave.

Jan 13, 2021

Jan 12, 2020

Gab, Rumble, Bitchute, YouTube, etc.. What an education in video embedding!

Anyways, here's Santa Surfing... as excitable as ever.

GESARA - Constitutional Everything!

Here is her --> Rumble Channel and YouTube Channel (for as long as that lasts).

Another from Simon.

12th January Update


Whether you believe it or not (I'm on the fence) this is a general description of what it is supposedly all about.

Trump speaks at the border wall in Texas. Get it HERE.

Sort of a nothing-burger, some talk about the senate mob on Wednesday, but mostly words regarding the border wall.

Also, a fantastic job by Veritas busting PBS.

That jackass is now fired. They say the fish always rots from the head, so how much rot is left?

Here is a favorite, IPOT1776, whom I like simiply for his tongue in cheek way of looking at our world. He's not always right, but he's always entertaining.


Here is his bitchute channel --> IPOT1776

Here are a few from Simon Parkes and his bitchute channel --> Simon Parkes

Simon Parkes Jan 11th - First Update

Simon Parkes Jan 11th - Second Update

Simon Parkes Jan 11th - Third Update

Here, in case you forgot what winter used to be like... Note the date. It's really no different from today, given the amount of garbage we have to shovel through.