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March 03, 2021

Seems a day wouln't be complete without a Santa Surfing update.

3/02/2021 –Cuomo and Whitmer under investigation! YT deleting videos!

Looks like they are done with Cuomo and ready to throw him to the wolves. Funny how they focus on the sexual assaults instead of the mass murder. Geez, you plowed through a crowd of schoolkids, but we'll give you this parking ticket for leaving you car in the crosswalk.

Greg Hunter has an interesting one regarding what is now OBVIOUS weather warfare. Dane Wigington has been at this for years trying to wake people up. He is wildly knowledgable about it, and his website is a regular fire-hose of information, so if you plan to go there, bookmark it and take little bites at a time.

He explains how it is that 'snow doesn't melt' and exactly why it feels so cold to the touch. It's not snow.... it's a chemical process.

Since Mr. Hunter never has the embed feature on at Rumble, I'm sorry if this auto-plays when you load the page. He probably wants you to go to his site to view it. I don't blame him, there is lots more informaiton there. *I have sent a note to him asking about this and will let you know if there is reply.*

Weather Warfare in Texas - Snow That Doesn’t Melt – Dane Wigington

Here's his site link -->

This is one of those things that I ask myself "What the hell can I do about that?" Sorry, but I'm just not one that thinks protesting with signs and sending letters is going to do a damn bit of good in this world, until a purge, which is beyond my ablity, has happened. All I can do is help spread knowledge about it until there is critical mass.

Someone is funding this. Someone is flying the damn planes. Someone knows where they land. Someone orders materials. Somewhere, there is an entire infrastructure enabling this to not only continue, but accelerate. It's not as though you can't see it happening.

Anyways... pick your battles I guess, so pass it on.

And We Know has another. Listening now.

3.3.21: DISASTER coming to the DS! God WINS! Pray!

Yes, a protest from Democrats who don't want to prove citizenship. More embarassing footage of the idiot (actor) in office. The wolves begin eating their own.

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