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About Us

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Welcome to the CometGold Blog

The first day of this blog was on January 12th, 2021. I spent a few days prior to that mucking about with a code editor - Brackets - to develop the page layout, and went live with it as soon as I found it acceptable. Since then I have learned a lot, made most every rookie mistake imaginable, and still have far to go. A menu, archives, and more will be developed along the way, while keeping up with the fantastic pace of changes and news these days.

CometGold is not new. It has been around for years, created to host a group of shareholders looking to escape the vitriol haters found on the Yahoo chat board. I took over maintenance in 2012 or so, and ran this site with the sole purpose of supporting the forum. Eventually, I still feel that gold will be the asset to have, but the interim has been longer by far than any have ever imagined. The chat box, and those that came and went, was the primary contact point for this site, and moderating it showed me the dual sides to humanity. Those filled with a sense of giving and fellowship, and those consumed with hate and rage. You might say, those that we are up against.

Time passed, and just like everyone else, I have witnessed the censorship and cancel culture out there, and had to ask myself "What can I do about it?" I had this platform that wasn't really doing much, while thousands of voices were being shown the door, so I decided to create this space to post a collection of information I found useful to keeping my sanity during this time. While this is only one site with a small following, for me this is prefereable to doing nothing at all.

I am 'learning to code' simply to maintain a running knowledge of it, and avoid the 10 billion lines of code that is Wordpress. Wordpress is easy to administer, and already written, but it is far too big a haystack to search through should I ever have to look for needles placed there by the rat-bastards we are up against. Therefor, if you do come across a 'feature' while making use of this site, please remember this and just let it slide - unless you are willing to help, that is.

At some point I'll provide an address to contact me, probably my Proton Mail address, but for now this seems to be working.

So that is the About Us (me) page for now... hope you enjoy and find some peace of mind in this crazy world.

A month has now passed, and I continue to develop the site. A system for archives has been developed, a Telegram account opened and associated at t.me.CometGold, and I've been refining methods to make the posting process less time consuming as I go. First you get good, then you get fast.

Again, there is still far to go, and should actual employment come my way this effort will immediately suffer, as honestly, this doensn't pay much (nothing at all at this point), so there's that.

I will say, beyond a doubt, that developing a site in a live environment has proven to be a hard edge upon which to hone a variety of skills. A running site is unforgiving, errors must be remedied immediately, proof-reading is a two person effort, and opinions... oh opinions are a razor edge of presentation versus bias tranferrance. The site would be pretty boring without a bit of color commentary, but at what cost?

As with anything in life, the lessons are clear in hindsignt, obscured in forsight, but there only if you walk forward.