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What is Telegram?

Telegram: What the Hell is It?

Given the mad rush to the Telegram app, including myself, I thought it might be nice to have a page dedicated toward it.

First, here is a link to where to find it --> telegram.org so you can install it for yourself.

Telegram is a video/instant messaging app, much like WhatsApp, but without the Facebook spying. You can find and follow people who have "Channels", as well as text/message and have encrypted video conversations with others within your list of contacts who also have Telegram installed. Further to that, it works across all installations with the same account number. More on this later.

It is Open Source, which means it is peer reviewed instead of proprietary, so super-geeks worldwide have all had a chance to view and tighten the code, and this is what went wrong with WhatsApp. As soon as something goes private, you don't know what it's doing.

It isn't littered with ads, either. The owners have a plan to produce revenue which includes fees paid by customers with professional accounts. It's all right there on the website, so I won't bore you with details.

To accompany the mobile version, there are desktop applications for Windows, Mac, and Linux. These, as mentioned earlier, sync your feeds and contacts with the account # that was used upon setup, which means you can text from whatever desktop you are using. If you add a feed/channel to one, it is added to all. The only annoyance for me so far is the amount of notifications you will get depending upon the Channel you subscribe to. I have turned them off for all my joined channels, and left them on for my personal contacts, and that seems to be working.

For those of you who don't want to use the PlayStore, the APK can be found here - telegram.org/apps - and installed on whatever android device you have. The latest version - 7.4.2(2227) - is a universal installer, and works on everything new and old - TV Box, Blackberry 10, etc... You can find old versions if you want, as they might respond a little quicker, but you'll end up with an update nag. Regardless, they all work, and aside from initial setup, are hassle free.

Telegram communications are encrypted from user to server by default, and end to end in private chats. This means no more service provider recording your chats. By default, messages do live on the server, but in private chats those messages only exist on the end-point device. Don't get me wrong, NOTHING is secure. This just does a good job of raising the bar against those that feel they have the right to snoop.

To find feeds, you have to know where to look for them, but you can also search out typical terms with the search feature. If you like a post and want to share it with a contact, there is a little arrow bottom right of each post for that. Click it, and select your contact in the window that comes up, or save it for later in 'saved messages'.


What you can't do, is share videos online that are not hosted outside of Telegram, which is a PITA for anyone trying to produce a blog which gathers all these interesting things for viewing outside of the app. So there's that...

What you can do is download everything you want direcly to your device to view later. This can pile up over time, but within settings is a 'clear cache' option to free up space.

Use of video feature will gobble up your battery on a handheld device, but works just fine on the desktop apps.

So, those are the basics. You can tweak and poke every button at your leasure to make it your own, even import your messages from WhatsApp (which you can research yourself).