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Welcome to the CometGold Blog

The cancel culture out there today inspired me to create a space to gather information I have found helpful. While this is only one site with a small following, I find it preferable to doing nothing.

So without further adoo, here is today's salvo, and always remember, if you don't like or don't agree, that is the privilege my grandparents fought for. Don't forget to check out our Telegram channel, in bold to the right.

Feb 08, 2021

Feb 06, 2021

Feb 07, 2021

Greg Hunter has a piece this morning with John Rubino, providing a more material view of the landscape.

John Rubino 5.5.2021 Everything Bubble

Rubino explains, “When you bankrupt your country, your politics are inherently corrupted by that bankruptcy, and that’s what is happening to us. We created a financial system . . . that is run by an aristocracy.

How true that is, as we are living in it right now. He goes on to expound upon the 'everything bubble' we are in, the inevitability that it will all come down, and that there is potential to profit should you be aware.

Here are a few live links for Patriot Streetfighter and Cirsten W. if you want to tag along with them at 1 p.m. Easter Time.

https://www.youtube.com/c/CWConnect/videos or

Ok, today being SuperBowl Sunday, all eyes seem to be upon what may or may not happen there. Will the EBS be used at that time? Will the fly-over provide some cryptic message? Will nothing at all happen and it turn out to be another hopium event?

God only knows.

Only because it's funny as hell. Look at the base of that wall and you can tell it's on rollers.


Nahhh, totally real. Right?

Here's Blessed to Teach with this latest.


Here's the BitChute link --> https://www.bitchute.com/video/5HwsfjG0cPUE/

Jump to 10 minutes to get to the beef.

Doug Billings, Simon Parkes, and a discussion about a General Mike Flynn interveiw.

Simon Parkes Discusses Doug's Interview with General Michael Flynn

Yes, it's on YouTube, but Doug has a positive genius when it comes to staying up on that platform.

They talk about the saying 'trust the plan' being changed to 'trust the man', which is all fine and dandy, but at this point the lot of us are still having to take this all on faith.

Much time was spent speaking positively about the military as a force for good, and while I do believe that the vast majority of enlistees join for the right reasons, the fact remains that those reasons proved to be flat out lies for the past many decades. Ultimately, all who joined became tools of lying and corrupt politicians, and the wars they fought followed suit.

Given just the last 80 years of observable actions, the US military has an incredible load of bad will to make up for in this world, and it is going to take a lot of 'seeing' and 'believing' before any sort of trust will ever return.

I'm not saying it isn't possible. Anything is possible. What I am saying is that there is a past to make up for, and it is one that the world will not easily forget, as, for the most part, the US politic was the chief architect.

Ultimately, proving a change, and doing so beyond a shadow of a doubt, will be absolutely necessary, so good luck, and God Speed.

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