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Welcome to the CometGold Blog

The cancel culture out there today inspired me to create a space to gather information I have found helpful. While this is only one site with a small following, I find it preferable to doing nothing.

So without further adoo, here is today's salvo, and always remember, if you don't like or don't agree, that is the privilege my grandparents fought for. Don't forget to check out our Telegram channel, in bold to the right.

March 08, 2021

March 06, 2021

March 07, 2021

The Dark Journalist finally came out with episode #100 of the X-series. If you don't follow him, the 'hot zone' is a space in the Gulf of Mexico, off the coast of Cuba, where you ahve to sign an NDA to explore because there are underwater ruins there of interest to powerful people.

Dark Journalist X-Series 100: Ghislaine In the HotZone - Atlantis Rising Secret!

He is a wealth of knowledge, has an exceptional ablility to tie things together, and is an excellent example of what journalism should be. IMO, of course.

I am posting this to provide and example of the utter contempt some have for the rest of us. If it is hard to believe, seeing (hearing) is believing. This is a well known podcast that has been around for years, and worth a listen (as much as you can stomach) simply to come to terms with the fact that there actually are people like this in our world.


Here's the BitChute link --> https://www.bitchute.com/video/2qAwGQFyNDy4/

So don't scream anti-semitism. There is evil in every church. I'm just posting a video.

Here is one from X22, whom I usually don't post, but this one is with Sean Stone so may be a different tone.

Sean Stone - White Hats Are In Control, The Power Is Being Restored To The People

Listening now, talking about those that are awake already can't be fooled again, and organizing ourselves for our own benefit. He begins talking about how the world is beginning to 'do for themselves' without reference to the existing power structure, and after being at a rally yesterday, found myself coming away with the same sort of though.

While still in power, the existing gov't structures of the world are becomeing irrelevant. Even more so as we grow, and learn it is possible to disregard their 'rules' and 'edicts'.

Here is Bart Chilton talking a month before passing away, talking about what everyone knew but couldn't nail down.

Bart Chilton Talks About JP Morgan and Silver Manipulation

I post this partly as a correction to the March 4th post where I mistook him for Gary Gensler, who is just another corporate stooge put in place to keep a lid on things.

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