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The cancel culture out there today inspired me to create a space to gather information I have found helpful. While this is only one site with a small following, I find it preferable to doing nothing.

So without further adoo, here is today's salvo, and always remember, if you don't like or don't agree, that is the privilege my grandparents fought for. Don't forget to check out our Telegram channel, in bold to the right.

March 22, 2021

March 20, 2021

March 21, 2021

All around the world yesterday there were protests against the lockdowns and mask wearing. People, at least the ones that can think for themselves, have had enough of this utter bullshit.

The more I look into it myself, the more is seems that the so called 'virus' was invented in order to trick people into taking the vaccine, and it is the vaccine that is what is going to make you sick. Not right away, but the next time you are exposed to something similar, you are going to have your ass handed to you.

This infers that those who have been vaccinated will be the carriers of the more and more deadly strains, which otherwise wouldn't have come to exist had our ordinary immune system simply dealt with it in the first place.

Covid-19 Vaccines Are Weapons of Mass Destruction - and Could Wipe out the Human Race

All these vaccines are supposed to do is lessen the symptoms of the virus. They don't prevent infection or re-infection, meaning the vaccinated - those that aren't killed by a secondary infection - can be unwitting carriers of the inevitable mutations that will occur. They will also be the ones to line up like sheep for the next vaccine.

It is more important that ever to do what you can to keep your healthy, uncompromised immune system as viable as ever by associating with one another, playing in the dirt, getting cuts and scrapes from being active, and otherwise being as God intended.

Greg Hunter has a piece with Nick Barisheff which blends well with yesterdays' posts. One of the (intended) syptoms of the virus was that it caused the Fed to break out in massive money printing, just now beginning to show it's ugly head as inflation.

Covid Caused Massive Money Printing Like Never Before - Nick Barisheff

It used to be a stretch to talk of $10,000 gold, but not anymore. Now it's easier to say $50,000 because it makes more sense. With the US mint cancelling orders --> Link it looks to be heating up indeed.

Simon Parkes has an interview with Doug Billings.

Simon Parkes and Doug Billings.

Billings has advertisers, but everyone has bills to pay, and you can jump forward a few minutes, as the message is good.

The Dark Journalist is out with part 2 of his interveiw with Catherin Austin Fitts.


Dark Journalist & Catherine Austin Fitts: Mr. Global Wants You! from Dark Journalist on Vimeo.

I haven't listened to this one yet, but she is always a great guest.

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